Saturday, October 14, 2006

Visually Designing Web Applications through a website

The next big thing in web development will be websites like and These sites allow you to design web applications very quickly. Forms are easily built with drag and drop components. Database creation and management are supposedly easy to get up and running and there is no coding necessary. Time to dust off some of my old web application ideas...

Friday, August 11, 2006

Recap of my first Acupuncture treatment

Yesterday I went to Acupuncture & Herbal Therapies ( which is located in St. Petersburg, FL and had my first ever Acupuncture session. I've had digestive problems as well as muscle spasm problems for the last 13 years and thought I'd give it a try. It was a very interesting experience. I first listened to Bob talk about how energy flows through the body and the concepts behind Acupuncture. Bob was full of all sorts of interesting knowledge, it was an interesting conversation. He then taught me a breathing exercises which is sometimes called "stomach breathing", it is supposed to help regulate your the CO2 in the body. Then we moved on to the actual acupuncture. The first pin he placed in my left leg below my knee, this first pin felt like a bee sting. I could feel energy radiating from that point and almost causing a cramp in my leg,... after he placed some other pins in my leg then the pain disapated. It just happens that the first area that he put a pin in happens to be connected with the intestinal energies. So I guess I had alot of Qi got stuck and needed to get it flowing. He then proceeded to place pins in about 22 different places on my body, one being in my left ear. This particular pin helped me calm down, I was shaking at one point and alot of energy was moving around. My wife was there to witness this and she said that one pin was really shaking on my stomach. This one settled down after a few minutes. After 20 minutes my body felt heavy and it felt like I'd had 22 shots of novacaine. My body was numb, there was no pain. By the way, only 2 pins had noticable pain - the one in my left leg and the one in my left ear. After being on the table (face up) for about 30 minutes I was able to get up and I felt "light-headed". I did feel like I had a buzz, I felt very calm in the evening and had dinner with great digestion. I took home with me a herbal supplement that helps with calming the system. Well that's it for the first visit. I'll do another posting regarding any noted improvements in health.

MIT's Energy 'Manhattan Project'

Cool article regarding new energy technologies coming from MIT: Wired News: MIT's Energy 'Manhattan Project'

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

3-D Crop Circle appears in English Countryside

Check out a very recent crop circle that has appeared in England, it is a 3-D quality to it. Click here to view.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Abiogenic Petroleum - naturally occuring oil

I believe we are not running out of oil, take a look at the following link for information about Abiogenic Petroleum. Link:

Global Warming - is it for real?

There has been heated debates (excuse the pun) regarding Global Warming in the news lately and I decided to research what people are saying about it. Here are some articles/resources that I've found that support global warming as well as debunk it. My personal opinion is that the current warming trend is part of a much longer natural cycle. I suggest you take a look at all of the following websites and judge for yourself:

National Geographic global warming fast facts (This in support of Global warming)
click here to view

Latest Myths v. Facts on Global Warming (This in support of Global Warming)

Global Warming: A closer look at the numbers - this article takes a look at how man really hasn't contributed to the greenhouse effect. (Debunking global warming)

An alternative view of Global Warming Statistics: (Debunking global warming)

Debunking Modern Climate Myths (Source: Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change)

Pictures and information about new NASA moon rocket

Check out this article regarding the new NASA moon rocket: - NASA moon rocket includes foam from shuttle - Aug 4, 2006

Friday, July 21, 2006

Very cool photo sharing site.

I was surprised by how many cool ways this site will allow you to present a photo gallery on a website or blog. The Acrobat Cube is very cool. Check it out:
PictureTrail: Online Photo Sharing, Image Hosting, Online Photo Albums

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Cool Article about Google's Logo Artist

Check this article about the artist who creates Google's logos. - Google's unknown artist has huge following - Jul 19, 2006

Friday, July 14, 2006

Inflatable Space Station launched

Here's some cool space news...Robert Bigelow (the Hotelier) launched an inflatable space station aboard a Russian rocket this week. Click on the following link for the full story: Inflatable Space Station

Living with an Egg Allergy

I found out that I'm allergic to eggs this week after a bad reaction I had to a sandwich that had mayonnaise. I started to look at the foods that give me digestive problems and found out all the problem foods had eggs in them. So I went online and found some good information, here is a webpage that shows what foods can contain eggs: I found a website that sells food products that are specifically egg free: I hope this information might help others with this allergy.